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Olympic Entertainment Group AS is the biggest taxpayer of the gambling sector in Estonia. Last year we paid over 7,8 million euros in gambling tax. This money is used by the state to support many fields in need of support. 

However our contribution to the society is not limited to paying taxes, through our sponsorship and charitable activities we also support numerous important initiatives: we have sponsored successful sportspeople and different sports organizations, we have contributed to the organization of some important cultural events, we have supported children with special needs and serious illnesses.    

Some examples of our charitable activities:

  • Estonian Olympic Committee
  • Estonian Basketball Association
  • Estonia’s national volleyball team
  • Maarja Küla Village
  • Birgitta Festival
  • Tallinn yacht club
  • Haraka Kodu SA Community
  • Minu Unistuste Päev Charity Fund
  • „Tegus Eesti“ scholarship

Our goal is simple: we want the number of people benefiting from our activities to be as big as possible, and we want to bring joy to not only to our guests and patrons, but also to those to whom he had been able to lend a helping hand.