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Electric Car Marathon starts on June 1

Posted on 30. May 2012

Electric Car Marathon starts on June 1

Electric Car Marathon 2012 with the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco takes off from Tallinn to Monte Carlo on June 1at 9a.m. in front of the Estonian National Opera. All users of electric cars in Estonia are welcome to take part in the Tallinn to Pärnu leg of the race. The marathon lasts from June 1 to 10, passing through 10 countries and 29 cities. Compared to last year there have been some changes in the routing: instead of Scandinavian countries the marathon now courses through the Baltic countries and Poland. The race will finish at the square in front of the Prince’s palace in Monaco.

“This year the maximum number of cars we can take through Europe is once again six, this way we can provide for the charging of the vehicles,” said the main organiser of the event Mr. Tamm. “We are very glad that Estonians will have an opportunity to see Fisker Karma at the event,” noted Mr. Tamm and added that this time the legs will be much more adventuresome, with a greater number of exciting cars taking part.

Before the launch of the marathon there is an opening party in Tallinn on May 31. All the cars taking part in the Marathon can be viewed in the parking lot of Reval Park Hotel & Casino. The displayed cars include those with hybrid and electric engines that are available in Estonia. A jeep with an electric engine arrived from Latvia. This jeep has taken part in the Dakar Rally.

Additional information and time schedule: www.electriccmarathon.eu.