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Gift of skiing equipment worth 3,000 Euros given to Ääsmäe School

Posted on 19. August 2013

Gift of skiing equipment worth 3,000 Euros given to Ääsmäe School

Charity organization LC Laagri Lions together with Olympic Casino made a joint gift of skiing supplies acquired for 3,000 Euros to Ääsmäe Basic School, handed over this Saturday at the Vanamõisa Fair.

In the beginning of 2013 Olympic Casino and LC Laagri Lions signed a partnership agreement about Olympic Casino supporting the activities of LC Laagri Lions, matching the amounts collected by the charity fund for various projects.

“The first joint project was getting skiing supplies for the students of Ääsmäe Basic School. The Lions Club collected 1,500 Euros for the purpose and we added the same amount,” said Aigar Hain, Chairman of the Board of Olympic Casino Eesti AS. “All in all the skiing equipment acquired for Ääsmäe Basic School cost 3,000 Euros and the presentation ceremony took place this Saturday at the Vanamõisa Fair.”

According to Jaanus Kallion, the Headmaster of Ääsmäe Basic School, the school has invested substantial effort in promoting sports activities for the youth, but there are a large number of students in the school who cannot afford to buy expensive skiing equipment for themselves. “Ääsmäe School is very grateful for this kind support in getting sports equipment for the kids. Estonia has had lots of snow these last few winters and that was one of the reasons for getting them skiing equipment. This donation was just large enough to enable even the children of less well-to-do families enjoy skiing with the others without worrying about the financial side,” Mr. Kallion remarked.

The first three sets of skis with skiing boots were given to the school as a pilot project carried out last year. “After seeing these youths skiing happily we decided to make a more substantial contribution this year and we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Olympic Casino as well for making it even more successful,” noted Mr. Raivo Kokser, Chairman of the Regional Membership of Lions Estonia. He pointed out that helping the more vulnerable and less well-to-do members of the society is one of the main aims of the Lions movement, with the main emphasis on assisting local communities.

LC Laagri Lions also set up a food tent at the Vanamõisa Fair, with the proceeds donated once again to the charity fund. Employees of Olympic Casino contributed to the project by volunteering their assistance at the food tent.