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Olympic Casino’s bar lady Krista Meri became triple World Champion

Posted on 06. October 2014

Olympic Casino’s bar lady Krista Meri became triple World Champion

Olympic Casino’s bar lady Krista Meri won the title of World Champion in cocktails and the first prize in the sparkling wine category at the 63rd World Championship that took place on October 1 to 2 in Capetown in South Africa. This was the third title of World Champion for Krista Meri.

The World Championship competition organized by the International Bartenders Association IBA included participants from 44 different countries. Classic cocktail making was divided into five different categories, drawn previously among the countries. Krista Meri was the Estonian representative in the category of sparkling wine cocktails, she won this category and claimed the third title of the World Champion during her illustrious career. Krista won her first title of World Champion at the World Championship competition in Taiwan in 2007 and the second at the 2014 IBA non-alcoholic drinks' World Championship in Prague.

“This medal is the result of teamwork. I have had a lot of help from my wonderful colleagues in Olympic Casino and the Estonian Bartenders Association to achieve this medal! It’s a super great feeling right now!” said Krista Meri upon her arrival at the Tallinn airport.

Krista’s victorious cocktail “Bright Ruby” consisted of gin, Amaretto, rhubarb liqueur, apple syrup, thyme liqueur and South African sparkling wine. “For a decoration I used rhubarb that I brought with me from Estonia. Everybody can now taste this cocktail in the Olympic Casino located in Olümpia hotel,” Krista added.

Krista Meri was able to take part in the IBA World Championship competition as a result of winning the Estonian Bartenders Championship this spring. According to Margit Kikas, the president of the Estonian Bartenders Association, the World Championship competition is always highly stressful, because there is no way to measure the creations of the competitors and it depends completely on the people tasting the cocktails behind the scenes. “The fact that Krista has now three times become the World Champion is proof of the top level professional capabilities of her personally and all her team as well,” Kikas added.

The Estonian Bartenders Association (named Estonian Bartenders Union up to 1999) was founded on May 26, 1994 by 33 active barmen and bar ladies. Since 1995 there have been annual EBA Championship competitions and starting from 2000 the Champion of Estonia represents the EBA at the World Championship competition. Currently 140 active barmen/bar ladies have joined the EBA. They take part in cocktail making competitions regularly and strive to promote the bartending and cocktail making art through their professional efforts and activities in the club.