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Olympic Entertainment Group is the most competitive service enterprise in 2014

Posted on 10. October 2014

Olympic Entertainment Group is the most competitive service enterprise in 2014

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation have compiled the eleventh Estonian Companies’ Competitiveness Rankings list and awarded the most competitive enterprises in Estonia. For the second consecutive year Olympic Entertainment Group was awarded the title of the most competitive service enterprise.

The most competitive enterprises by areas of operations:
ABB AS, industry and energy
A. Le Coq AS, food industry
Swedbank AS, financial brokerage
Toyota Baltic AS, wholesale trade
EMT AS, communication and IT
Estravel AS, tourism
Tallinna Kaubamaja AS, retail trade
Arealis AS, business services and real estate
E.R.S. AS, transport and logistics
Merko Ehitus AS, construction
Olympic Entertainment Group AS, services
Reaalprojekt OÜ, architecture and project design

For an overview of the brochure introducing the best enterprises in Estonia go to: https://www.fingler.com/embed/122938?fullscreen=true#1

Olympic Entertainment Group: ambitions above all

The first Olympic Casino was opened 21 years ago in hotel Pirita in Tallinn and then it spread rapidly all over Estonia. Soon it reached Lithuania, Latvia and Byelorussia, while ambitious plans took the Estonian casino entrepreneurs even as far as Poland, Slovakia and Italy.
Olympic has the courage to expand, but unpleasant decisions are taken just as decisively, for example the decision made a few years ago to do the right thing and leave the poorly regulated Romanian market that allows unfair competition. At the first signs of economic depression a considerable number of casinos were closed and all processes were studied in depth, leading to efficiency indicators of an unprecedented level.
Nevertheless it was possible to offer gambling fans many pleasant news even in those difficult times, starting from setting up lounges in casinos up to the launch of its own internet casino. As a new line of activities OlyBet has thanks to its larger choice of games become the first choice for a lot of fans in the constantly expanding area of sports betting merely in a year’s time.

Olympic has from the very beginning attracted attention as an ambitious Estonian enterprise and although it has suffered a few slaps on the wrist, it can now boast of ranging over seven countries. Note that the leaders of the company are convinced that the geographical coverage will be extended even more in the future, as it would be a sin to leave their skills and knowledge unused.
The fact that they have plenty of skills and knowledge is attested by the title of the best casino operator of the year awarded them last year in London.