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Retired lady won record-breaking €400,000

Posted on 25. June 2012

Retired lady won record-breaking €400,000

A retired lady, who picked the lunchtime on St. John’s Eve to go to the department store with her husband to buy a frying pan, went to Olympic Casino to escape from the rain and won the record-breaking €378,270 equalling nearly 6 million kroons.

“The last time the Olympic Mystery Jackpot was tripped happened three years ago and that prize was nevertheless three times smaller than this Saturday’s direct hit,” comments the Manager of Olympic Casino Eesti Mr. Aigar Hain, emphasising that it is possible to win the Mystery Jackpot with a very small bet. This was the case with the lucky retired lady, whose bet of 30 cents is for example merely half of the cost of any major lottery tickets.

The lady (63) who won the greatest casino prize of all times on St. John’s Eve at13:07does not wish to publish her identity, but she agreed to share her feelings a bit. “I had no intention of going to the casino that day. I went to the department store to get a frying pan, but it started to rain and so we stopped at a casino for a bit with my husband and after playing for an hour it happened,” said the winner of the Mystery Jackpot, who initially did not realise that she had won anything. The lady playing on the Rich Witch slots was taken to a stand in the casino where her winning numbers were displayed in huge characters. “The amount was so great, it made my head feel completely blank all of a sudden,” the lady added.

No pan was bought that day and her playing enthusiasm is also rather subdued at the moment at the aftermath of the great winning. Actually the lady usually goes to the casino merely for the fun of gaming, without striving to win, and she always plays with small bets. The retired couple now plans to use the winnings to go on a holiday trip together.

Until the end of this week you can try the winning slot machine at the Olympic Casino in Narva Road, but from July it will be available in the casino in Vana-Viru Street.

Olympic Casino’s slot machines are linked to a combined Olympic Mystery Jackpot system and a small portion of every bet is placed on its prize account. You can watch how the Jackpot grows in real time on the Mystery Jackpot stand placed in the casino and on the Olympic Casino website. Any player can win the jackpot, regardless of the slot machine or the amount of the bet. Mystery Jackpot is tripped by a random bet and you can even win it with your first minimum bet, if you’re lucky.