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To celebrate its 25th anniversary Olympic draws out a quarter of a million euros.

Posted on 20. November 2018

In November Olympic Casino marks its 25th anniversary and to celebrate the firm will draw out over a quarter of a million euros throughout the 7 weeks.

According to Erki Tavas, Olympic Casino Estonia Chief Executive, in Estonia there has never been a giveaway of this magnitude. “Yes, we celebrate the quarter-century in style! Nobody in Estonia has ever drawn out so much money in extra prizes over such a short period!” - confirmed Tavas. 

In total nine jackpots will drop throughout the seven weeks, each jackpot amounting to a sum ranging 25 000 to 30 000 euros. Once a jackpot drops, a new one starts accumulating immediately from the starting sum of 25 000 euros. In this fashion, a total sum ranging from 225 000 to 270 000 euros will be drawn out throughout the seven weeks starting tomorrow.

A jackpot can drop at any time, in any Olympic Casino in Estonia, at any slot machine a with a minimum bet of 1 euro cent. 

Additional info
Erki Tavas
Olympic Casino Eesti Chief Executive
+372 667 1250erki.tavas@oc.eu