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Urmas Paet opened an exhibition of medals won by para-athletes

Posted on 06. February 2015

Urmas Paet opened an exhibition of medals won by para-athletes

The Estonian Paralympic Committee opened an exhibition of the most prestigious medals won by Estonian para-athletes as part of introducing its plans for the Rio Olympic in the OlyBet sports bar in Kristiine shopping centre.

The exhibition included the gold medal won by Sirly Tiigi in the javelin at the Sydney Paralympics, silver won by Marge Kõrkjas in 50 metres freestyle swimming at the Athens Paralympics, bronze medal won by Kardo Ploomipuu in 100 metres backstroke at the Peking Paralympics, IPC Europe Championship silver won by Elisabeth Egel in medley and the medals won by Kairit Olenko at Deaflympics.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was carried out by the President of the Estonian Paralympic Committee Urmas Paet, one of the most successful Estonian para-athletes swimmer Kardo Ploompuu and para-athletic coaches. “The coaches have a notably greater role in special needs sports than in sports by healthy people and for people with special needs the role of a coach is never limited to just training,” said the President of the Estonian Paralympic Committee Mr. Urmas Paet.

Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG) started to support the para-athletic coaches in 2014 and became the main sponsor of the coaching programme of the Estonian Paralympic Committee. OEG supports the wage fund of the coaches included in the programme.

The coaching programme includes swimming coaches Õnne and Urmo Pollisinski and Marge Kõrkjas, tennis coach Alar Milk, swimming, blind table tennis and athletics coach Kristo Ringas, and athletics coaches Mallika Koel and Sergei Matvijenko.

The Paralympics medal exhibition will be open in Kristiine OlyBet sports bar up to April.